Guided Clarity is developing a new class of protein to target dysfunctional mitochondria. In addition to various applications for healthy people, it will be a medical food to treat muscle wasting in cancer patients.

We are seeking a Ph.D. level neurobiology intern to develop molecular assays for a line of
innovative medical foods and therapeutics; someone who truly enjoys working in a lab setting,
fascinated by molecular biology, detail oriented with scientific curiosity and capable of working
independently. The intern will work closely with the product development team to identify and
characterize compounds in the areas of mitochondrial bioenergetics, neuroprotection, and longevity.
This is a part-time position with flexible working hours that will enable you to gain valuable industry
experience while still in academia.
Report to:


– Develop & run ELISA assays
– Develop & run quality-control assays (cell-based, biochemical) for product prototypes
– Design experiments to elucidate the role of mitochondrial bioenergetics in the progression of cognitive
decline in collaboration with the team members.

Position requirements

– A Ph.D. graduate student in neuroscience
– Experience with cell culture and ELISA assays; ability to troubleshoot and work independently to
develop cell assays.
– Strong analytical chemistry background
– 10-20 hour per week (work schedule is flexible, weeknights/weekends are ok)
Beneficial Qualifications/Attributes
– Expertise in peptide chemistry, knowledge about mitochondria bioenergetics are a plus.

Position Benefits

Hourly pay
Flexible working times
Learn how to translate science into product
Industry exposure and connections to jump-start your career
Be part of a group of exciting startups at the IndieBio workspace


IndieBio (479 Jessie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103)

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