Terramino Foods

Terramino Foods is a foodtech company that is combining food science and biology to create environmentally sustainable protein-rich meat alternatives using fungi. Our mission is to create accessible and affordable meat alternatives that are healthy, tasty, and resource efficient.

We are seeking talented and mission-driven in that are looking for an exciting learning opportunity in a fast-moving startup environment and that are passionate about bringing innovative foods to market. Here are the open positions:

Content and Marketing Intern: We are looking for a content and marketing intern to help us develop our strategy and content that will be communicated to our followers. You will interact directly with consumers online and in-person to develop our data-driven marketing strategy. Learn More

 Business Development Intern: We are looking for a business development intern to evaluate the consumer needs and trends and understand how to position our novel products. You will evaluate different trends and strategies using quantitative and qualitative data and conduct in-depth market assessments. Learn More

Food Scientist: Terramino Foods is currently looking for a Food Scientist to join our team. You will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of food science research doing experimentation working with novel ingredients. You will manage projects as well as leverage the support and collaboration of a diverse team of scientists. We are looking for creative individuals to make great tasting and nutritious novel products. Learn More

Product Development Scientist: Terramino Foods is currently looking for a Product Development Scientist to join our team. We are looking for a product development scientist to aid in the creation of products using our novel ingredients. You will be creative in managing projects from ideation to refinement and have the freedom to experiment and co-create with others as well. We are looking for those with diverse backgrounds who can draw from various disciplines to create novel and delicious products. Learn More

Lead Fermentation Scientist: Terramino Foods is developing the next generation of sustainable protein using fermentation. We grow filamentous fungi and use the whole organism as a high protein food and develop products around it. You will lead our efforts to optimize organism growth and to hit target nutrition levels as we scale up our production process. You will also have the opportunity to lead a growing team within the company.
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