We are a first of its kind longevity company that is committed to extending the healthy years of life in order to help people age their best. Our team consists of researchers and entrepreneurs who are fascinated in using science to help us live life to the fullest. We have patented a new, breakthrough technology, delivered as a topical cream, that can promote skin age reversal down to the molecular level. We know at OneSkin, that the key to our success isn’t just about nailing down our technology, but it’s about hiring people who can help us fulfill our mission and make a quantifiable impact in the world.

Job Description

We are looking for a passionate and fast-paced candidate to help us in our mission to build the future of skin health. Our Head of marketing will help to build an epic, highly engaged D2C consumer brand and will be leading the team with digital-first strategies for community building, content creation, SEO and customer development. OneSkin’s objective is to establish itself as the authority in the longevity field by science as well as end customer experience and results.

● Identify and engage relevant audiences for OneSkin “hero product” and content utilizing social media and other content platforms, driving insights and the community surrounding longevity and OneSkin mission.
● Develop communication channels online and off-line to drive data collection.
● Implement media and trade outreach strategies to establish OneSkin as the authority in the skin health senescence-based and rejuvenation skin health category.
● Outline and deliver content, both user-generated and branded, to continue engaging consumer and trade funnels at all times
● Liaise with research and commercial team to develop overall marketing strategy including but not limited to:
○ Development of a content calendar
○ Social media ad creation, testing, optimization, and management (FB / IG / Social Ads)
○ General customer acquisition strategy
○ Management of SEO
○ Management and development of organic content
○ PR Management
○ OneSkin events including a launch event
○ Influencer strategy and execution
○ Potential brand partnerships
○ Digital and offline media (beyond social)

Desired Skills

Marketing strategy, audience development, social media marketing, community building, digital marketing (SEO & social media, affiliate).

Compensation: Salary + equity + a healthy and youthful future \o/
Please include a CV and cover letter in your application.

Send email to: information@oneskin.co

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