New Age Meats is a Berkeley-based cultivated meat company. We create delicious meat made from animal cells instead of animal slaughter — healthier for humans, animals, and the Earth.

We need people to help combine cell biology with plant-based ingredients to create delicious food for the world to eat. You will work alongside others in a food research lab and kitchen, helping to create and bring a food product to market. You will move into pure technological whitespace and shape the future of food and health by addressing humanity’s biggest challenges.

Duties Include:

● Evaluating material properties of food ingredients
● Developing and implementing methods to measure existing foods
● Researching literature and prior art to aid in solving new problems
● Use of lab instrumentation like texture analyzer, rheometer, moisture analyzer, etc.
● Working in a professional kitchen environment: handwashing, knife safety, dishes, etc.
● Iterating recipes using spreadsheets and electronic systems
● Analyzing and interpreting data
● Design of experiments and optimizing proposed procedures
● Producing food material for tasting and evaluation
● Conducting sensory and perception tests
● Coordinating external lab tests
● Maintaining a food safe working environment: wiping down surfaces, sanitizing surfaces and utensils, proper refrigeration and storage, etc.


● BA/BS/BPS or higher in food science, culinary science, sensory science, chemistry, physics, food processing, food engineering, microbiology, biology or similar field
● One year experience in a research project, or 1-5 years relevant professional experience
● Demonstrable ability to apply general analytical and problem-solving skills to food systems
● Comfort with a fast-paced start-up environment and remote communication
● Bonus points for pilot scale, QA/QC, plant engineering, or sensory experience

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