BeeFlow develops smart and strong bees for crop pollination. We launched in 2016 in Argentina and to date, has achieved remarkable results in Almond, Blueberry, Apple, and Kiwifruit fields.

With our technologies, farmers have increased up to 90% crop yields while substantially reducing bee population decline. By enhancing bees’ immune systems and studying how their learning process is, we’re teaching bees to be more efficient while pollinating specifically targeted crops.

BeeFlow has recently arrived in the US and is participating in IndieBio’s winter accelerator program. We are looking for a Technology Lead that wants to generate a huge impact on sustainable food production by developing hardware to monitor bee pollination efficiency.

Job Description
● Develop technology to track bee flights patterns (RFIDs, harmonic radars, etc.).
● Track bees’ visitation frequency: the amount of bee visits each flower gets over a
period of time (cameras, sensors, mics, etc.).
● Improve BeeFlow’s efficiency while monitoring the interaction between bees and
flowers and bees’ activity within beehives under different nutrition products.

Required Qualifications
● Bachelor’s degree or senior year in Electronic or Mechanical Engineers.
● Proven experience with the development of hardware.
● Proven experience of getting data transferred from hardware to the cloud in remote areas (very desired).
● Work well under pressure, thrive as part of a team and motivated to work independently.
● Familiar with agronomy or biology basics.

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