Liberum Biotech is an IndieBio-backed startup focused on developing a benchtop protein manufacturing system. Our mission is to democratize access to the fruits of synthetic biology. We believe proteins hold the answer to better health, cleaner energy, enhanced nutrition and eco-friendly materials. By enabling scientists to rapidly produce high-quality proteins at affordable prices, we want to pave the path forward to a sustainable future.

Liberum is seeking a Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) with a passion for molecular biology to help develop our research capabilities (methodological, technological and human) and to improve upon our cell-free expression platform. The candidate must have great organizational and communication skills and at least 4 years of microbiology research experience. Liberum is an early startup, so a key requirement is versatility.

We encourage individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds to apply for this position. The ideal applicant would have experience and expertise in at least one of the following domains:

  • fermentation and scale-up;
  • metabolic engineering;
  • strain design;
  • cell-free protein expression; or
  • downstream processing and protein purification.

CSO’s responsibilities may include:

  • leading the company’s research and development activities;
  • optimizing cell-free protein expression and purification methodologies;
  • developing processes for scale-up;
  • ensuring customers are supported through the company’s scientific efforts;
  • drafting patents;
  • creating standard operating procedures and protocols; and
  • hiring all molecular biology research personnel.

Each candidate will need to demonstrate a proven track record of scientific rigour and carrying out high quality research. A PhD degree would be preferred.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume or Linkedin profile to

We look forward to meeting with you and learning about your interests and experiences. Help us make protein manufacturing a push-button process!

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