Analyst, marketing research and business development – industrial biotech

NovoNutrients is a startup that transforms waste industrial carbon dioxide into feed, through industrial biotech, initially for the fast-growing aquaculture sector. A recent article on the company:

In Sunnyvale, CA, we are searching for a recent college graduate (or a more senior person transitioning industries or functions) to join our team of 9 dedicated professionals.

The analyst will be at the core of a key team, reporting to the VP of business development and having regular contact with the CEO. S/he will largely be active in research and supporting business development across a range of areas: investors, strategic partnerships with other companies, new products, and markets. Generally, s/he will be responsible for helping this half of the executive team execute solutions to problems, both tactical and strategic. The candidate should be a very quick study, demonstrating both creative and critical thinking. S/he must be able to communicate effectively with supervisors and teammates, in conversation and writing, with a talent for collecting, organizing, and acting on information.

Ability and interest in averaging half an hour per day in doing IT work is a plus.

Contact: Chris Oakes <>

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