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Founder Stories

Their journeys began with critical insight and discovery. At IndieBio, they found ways to translate their science into a business. Enjoy their stories.

Proteinea: The bug IS the feature

Drugs … from bugs! Proteinea turns insect larvae into biofactories. Instead of cell-based biomanufacturing, their next-generation platform uses mass-reared insect larvae as fast growing, mini-biofactories to produce recombinant proteins of interest. From antibiotics to biosimilars to vaccines to aquaculture feed to growth factors and more, Proteinea makes valuable recombinant proteins affordable and accessible. And their […]

Canaery: Digitizing the unseen world of scent

Canaery leverages the animal kingdom’s superior sense of smell to detect and digitize the world of scent. A dog’s nose is a smelling machine. From cancer to covid to cocaine to citrus greening, no other chemical sensor on the planet can smell and sort through the billions of environmental compounds like an animal’s olfactory bulb.  […]

Vertical Oceans: Reinventing aquaculture and vertical farming

Vertical Oceans is elevating shrimp through its advanced vertical aquaculture system integrating 83 different technologies to build a perfect ecosystem for the world’s cleanest, freshest, and most sustainably produced shrimp.  Below we caught up with John Diener and Enzo Acerbi, co-founders and CEO and CTO, respectively, of Vertical Oceans.  It was 3 AM in Singapore, […]

OzoneBio: Emissions-free chemicals brought to life by zombie cells

I have this feeling, but limited means to confirm it, that deep in the archives of Russian scientific literature lies a treasure trove of valuable new technologies, just waiting to spring forth and solve big problems. It turns out that secret treasure trove landed on our doorsteps a stone’s throw away in Nova Scotia, Canada.  […]

Sundial Foods: Take Another Bite, the Secret is the Skin!

The AltProtein space is abuzz, but lacking in products that engender the same finger-licking scrumptiousness of devouring a plate of tasty wings. Sundial Foods developed a novel processing technology for creating plant-based whole cuts of meat — complete with skin, meat and bone. The beauty is in how it ends up on your plate from […]

OncoPrecision: A matter of life and death – cancer avatars accelerate precision oncology

OncoPrecision can predict a patient’s response to cancer therapies by replicating the tumor microenvironment ex vivo. Their unique, triple co-culture method increases patient-derived cancer cell viability 60x in a 2.5D format that has been validated using real patient data.  For patients in dire need of the right cancer treatment the first time, OncoPrecision offers doctors […]

Innate Biology: World’s first fasting mimetic derived from humans FOR humans

Innate Biology produces supplements to mimic the same cellular benefits you would get from fasting, without having to fast. Their formulation uses a unique combination of natural human molecules and has been clinically shown to produce the same anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and cardioprotective benefits of fasting — so you can live life and thrive. Sibling founders […]

Lypid: Making vegan fat perform like animal fat

Making plant-based foods without compromise. Lypid’s secret sauce: a sustainable, healthy and tastier fat alternative. We’ve had an on again, off again relationship with fats.  One crucial challenge for plant-based foods is that they’re missing the fat.  Most of the time, they incorporate coconut oil as an ersatz lard or butter, and it’s simply not […]

Capra Biosciences: Bio-Based Performance Chemicals for Tomorrow’s Edge

If you haven’t been following the trends in synthetic biology, just know that bio-based chemicals are the future. Capra Biosciences reimagined biosynthesis by developing a low-cost, continuous flow method that scales OUT without having to scale up. Pairing a proprietary continuous flow bioreactor with a novel biofilm forming organism, they are producing hyrdophobic products like […]

Aja Labs: Superhuman hair engineered from plants

“This is bone black” she said as she handed me a sample of jet black hair.  Silky smooth, shiny, and knottable — the bundle of plant-based hair extensions was, unmistakably, hair. Aja Labs’ biodegradable, plant-based hair samples on display at IndieBio Batch 11’s Expo on 12 July 2021   Co-founded by Osahon Ojeaga and Suna […]

California Cultured: Chocolate Without Cacao Beans, Deforestation, or Exploitation

California Cultured produces sustainable chocolate from plant stem cells cultured to highlight the vast array of flavinols and functional compounds. Led by CEO and repeat founder Alan Perlstein, the team at California Cultured created the world’s first cell-cultured chocolate bar grown in a low-cost, high performance, food-grade cacao cell media. Or as Alan prefers — […]

Avalo: Next-gen gene discovery for the future of plants

Eliminating excessive false positives is the holy grail in gene discovery – it saves money and time. Its Gene Discovery by Informationless Perturbation (GDIP) method has reduced false positive rates by 10-100x (depending on the trait and the organism) and they are bringing the power of GDIP to breeding climate-resilience traits into crops ranging from […]

Stembionix: Vascularization Technology to Enable Organ Growth

Stembionix is creating the biofabrication infrastructure necessary to grow organs from stem cells. Their innovative vascularization technology is built with the goal of surmounting the challenge of culturing organoids: namely, growing organs larger than 8 mm diameter, at which point the internal cells lose nutrient access and die.  Their vascularization technology is complemented by other […]

Harmony Baby Nutrition: Formulas for Human Babies (not calves)

Harmony Baby Nutrition makes baby formula that more closely represents human breast milk than any other formula on the market. Their secret? Precise fermentation of human breast milk protein to replace commonly used cow’s milk. One in five infants has an allergy to cow’s milk protein, which means one in five infants cannot use standard […]

Free to Feed: Empowering Breastfeeding Mothers

Free to Feed helps breastfeeding mothers with allergic babies. Breastfeeding babies can react to allergens passed through the mother’s milk, and Free to Feed provides solutions to pinpoint the allergenic source. The current “breast friend” model offers one-on-one consulting to help mothers identify the source in a couple months. Their forthcoming test kit is tailored […]

MicroTERRA: Feeding the World While Cleaning Water

MicroTERRA grows lemna with fish farmers to recycle pollution and feed the world. Lemna, also known as duck weed or water lentil, uses the nitrogen and phosphorus in the fish waste as fertilizer, preventing these nutrients from growing to toxic concentrations. It contains up to 40% protein and up to 25% pectin, an ingredient known […]

Bucha Bio: Next Generation Biomaterial for Green Fashion

Bucha Bio grows their biomaterial with bacteria, free from animals or any plastic additives. Their biomaterial can be personalized in every different way: colors, textures, and other new traits. Their expected production cost at scale is lower and production speed is faster than any leather companies that are in the market. And they are providing […]

Beemunity: Protecting Our Pollinators

Beemmunity protects bees from the effects of both lethal and sublethal exposure to pesticides. Their ingestible microsponge technology absorbs all pesticides and allows them to be safely expelled without harm. Beekeepers can simply add this product to their current bee feeding processes to detoxify their bees. This prevents bees from the direct toxic effects of […]

Nyoka Design Labs: Bioluminescence Lights the World

Nyoka Design Labs produces biodegradable light wands with bioluminescence to replace toxic chemical glow sticks. Their cell-free, enzyme-based light wands are shelf stable and meet industry standards for brightness and duration. They are now selling these light wands for commercial uses, such as events and festivals, with plans to expand into industrial uses such as […]

BrickBuilt Therapeutics: the First Oral Microbiome Therapeutics

BrickBuilt Therapeutics is the first company targeting the microbiome via live biotherapeutic products to treat oral diseases. They are replacing conventional therapies—surgery or broad spectrum antibiotics—with bacterial strains isolated and formulated specifically to treat oral diseases. BrickBuilt’s first preclinical candidate microbial drug targets periodontitis, or gum disease. This targeted treatment will not only create a […]

Sequential Skin: the First Truly Personalized Skin Care

Sequential Skin uses their unique at-home test to provide the world’s first truly personalized skin care. Their test considers both the human genetics and the skin microbiome to generate a report tailored to the individual. Years of research have indicated that the skin microbiome, and specifically the diversity (how many different types of microorganisms), are […]

Carbix: Turning CO2 into Stone

To meet the challenge of our climate crisis requires humanity to reinvent industries on a global scale. Eliminating emissions as fast as possible is critical, and it has become clear we also need to pull CO2 out of the atmosphere, as well as prevent more from collecting. As we do this a new question emerges, […]

AsimicA: Raising the Bar for All Biofermentation

In May 2020, a McKinsey report found that the global bioeconomy is slated to become a $4 trillion gold rush as synthetic biology’s promise to make high-quality, sustainable products gains traction. These products range from food to textiles to medicines, and biofermentation is the manufacturing process that makes all of it instead of having to […]

Kraken Sense: Pathogens Have Nowhere Else to Hide

A considerable amount of effort is taken to make sure that the water that is used to process and rinse your produce is clean and clear of pathogens like salmonella and legionella. Even with all the regulations that are imposed on our food supply chain to prevent such outbreaks, we are still not impervious to […]

Reazent: Powering Organic Agriculture

Despite the demand from consumers and environmental benefit, organic agriculture accounts for less than 2% of global agricultural land. Reazent is on a mission to change this by providing biologic products to supercharge plant growth and crop yields. Despite being a young company, they extensive field trials showing the benefit and consistency of their product, […]

Khepra: Renewable fuels from waste

Khepra is building continuous flow reactors that deploy high-intensity ultrasound frequencies to take waste — everything from unrecyclable plastics to biomass to cardboard — and even mixed waste — and break the chemical bonds in the waste. The result is upcycled renewable chemicals and fuel components. Today, I sat down with the founders to learn […]

Liberum: Automating Protein Production

When we think of synthetic biology, we often think of synthetic DNA. However, the purpose of the DNA is often to make protein. Today we can order DNA overnight for cheap, but producing protein takes at least two weeks of lab work with various instruments and techniques. Liberum aims to free researchers from the tedious […]

Ivy Natal: Turning Skin Cells into Eggs

The future of our species depends on procreation, but today the world is at an all-time high in infertility due to disease, stress, and the decision to delay having kids. But what if we can generate healthy egg and sperm from your skin cells? Ivy Natal is attempting just that using stem cell technologies and […]

Cybele Microbiome: Skincare Through Precision Prebiotics

Nearly half of society has some sort of skin sensitivity. Cybele Microbiome is the company behind a new direct-to-consumer skincare brand. Cybele’s unique products trigger the natural skin biome to secrete skin restoration compounds. Today I sat down with Cybele’s CEO and Founder, Nicole Scott PhD. Nicole is a geneticist who became fascinated with the […]

Advanced Microbubbles: Drug delivery across tumor and brain barriers

  Getting drugs through the tumor barrier and across the blood-brain barrier is a well-known, major challenge for medicine. Many clinical trials are underway using chemotherapy co-administered with diagnostic microbubbles, energized by ultrasound at the site of the tumor — but these are performing poorly, with inconsistent acoustics, because the bubbles are highly-varied in size. […]

Spintex: Sustainable Materials Powered by 300 Million Years of R&D

Friends and labmates who trained together in the Oxford University silk group, Alex Greenhalgh and Dr. Martin Frydrych are tackling climate change one silk shirt at a time.  From their lab in Oxford, Alex answered some of my most pressing questions around the environmental damage fashion manufacturing is inflicting on our planet, Spintex’s unique take […]

Microgenesis: Restoring the Fertility Biome

Through the development of a simple swab-based test combined with personalized nutraceutical solutions, Microgenesis is helping women facing fertility challenges forge a path to pregnancy and motherhood.  Building off their impressive initial patient results in Latin America and Spain, the team just landed (literally!) in the US to begin offering their infertility solution to the […]

Diptera.ai: Fighting Mosquitoes with Mosquitoes

Diptera.ai combines computer vision and deep biological knowledge to fight mosquitoes and their diseases. We spoke with CEO Vic Levitin about Diptera.ai’s solution to the mosquito problem. Watch and read an abbreviated version of the conversation below. What is the mosquito problem? Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animal alive: they kill nearly a million humans […]

Cayuga: Treating All Forms of Bleeding

Cayuga Biotech is a preclinical therapeutics company whose lead compound, CAY001, shows promise to change the way that severe bleeding episodes are treated. We spoke with CEO Damien Kudela, who explained the science and path forward for Cayuga. Watch and read an abbreviated version of the conversation below. How did you transition from academia to […]

BioFeyn: Making Eating Healthy Fish Sustainable

BioFeyn is a company that aims to make farmed fish a truly sustainable practice. We spoke with CEO Timothy Bouley to learn more about how nanotechnology can create better fish.  Watch and read an abbreviated version of the conversation below. What are the problems with current farmed fish practices? There are many ingredients used in […]

Biomage: Making Single-Cell Sequencing Data Accessible to Research Biologists

Biomage is a computational biology company with a unique software that allows scientists to explore the multiverse of human cells through single-cell sequencing. We spoke with CEO Adam Kurkiewicz about the ability to turn every biologist into a bioinformatician. Watch and read an abbreviated version of the conversation below. How is single-cell transcriptomics changing biomedicine? […]

Brightcure: Reviving, Restoring, and Replenishing a Woman’s Intimate Microbiome.

Brightcure is a company dedicated to improving women’s health. We asked Brightcure CEO Chiara Heide questions about the first product, a bioactive cream that promotes a healthy microbiome in a woman’s urogenital tract.  Watch and read an abbreviated version of the conversation below. Your personal story lends a lot of motivation. Will you please share […]

Multus Media: Enabling the Food of the Future

Multus Media is a company producing the key ingredient to allow cultivated meat to become affordable and accessible to everyone. We spoke to CEO Cai Linton about his entrepreneurial journey. Watch and read a lightly edited version of the conversation below. What is cultivated meat? Conventional meat and cultivated meat actually produce the same end […]

Halomine: Making Every Surface an Antimicrobial Surface

Halomine is a company revolutionizing the way we disinfect surfaces. We asked Halomine CEO, Ted Eveleth, to tell us about the first product, Halofilm.  Watch and read an abbreviated version of the conversation below. What is your first product, Halofilm, and what does it do? Halofilm is a very versatile product that allows you to […]

Allied Microbiota: Using Natural Microbes to Eliminate Toxic Waste

Allied Microbiota is a company using bacteria that literally eat pollution for lunch to clean contaminated soils and turn brownfields into green fields. We spoke with CEO Lauralynn Kourtz about the discovery of the Allied Microbiota strain, ThermO+™. Watch and read an abbreviated version of the conversation below. What compounds are in contaminated soils and […]

Beeline Therapeutics: Supercharging T-regs

Beeline takes engineered immune cell therapy in a new direction. They are unique in how they have engineered regulatory T cells (Tregs), which play a natural role in ramping down the immune system. This has wide applications for autoimmune diseases and organ transplantation. We talked with company founders Dimitre Simeonov and Michael Wyman. Since you’ve […]

Gavilán Biodesign: Overcoming Drug Resistance

Gavilán Biodesign emerged out of the Donald Lab at Duke University, one of the world leaders in computational drug design. During their time at Duke, they redesigned many compounds, including a new Anti-HIV antibody that is now in 9 clinical trials. Their software was also used to predict tumor resistance mutations to 17 leading precision […]

CASPR Biotech: Revolutionizing Molecular Diagnostics

The CRISPR Cas complex has been a game-changing technology for gene editing. CASPR Biotech is using the incredible accuracy of CRISPR for something different — to revolutionize medical diagnostics. We spoke with company founders Franco Goytia and Carla Giménez. There are a couple other prominent companies also using CRISPR-Cas systems for diagnostics. What’s different about your focus? […]

Oralta: pioneering oral care through the microbiome

Americans spend over 40 billion dollars every year taking care of their oral health, yet conditions like bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay are incredibly common. Oralta is looking to change the paradigm of oral health by going beyond the symptom based treatment of today’s products. They’re doing this by targeting the oral microbiome, […]

Chronus Health: Point-of-Care Lab Results in Minutes, Not Days

Chronus Health’s portable device allows for real-time diagnosis at the point-of-care providing lab results in minutes, dramatically improving time to care and patient outcomes. Our initial launch for Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) accounts for 50% of all blood tests performed. We chatted with Anand Parikh, CEO of Chronus Health. How […]

New Age Meats: Leading a Cultural Shift in Protein Production

Cell-based meats, or clean meats, can alleviate pressures on the environment, end animal suffering, and produce sustainable protein for the growing world population. Yet, we are still far away from making cell-based meats a reality due to technological challenges. New Age Meats is tackling these challenges with automation and data to accelerate product development and bring pork […]

Filtricine: A drug free approach to treating cancer

In the last two decades oncology has seen a revolution as treatment transitions to targeted genetic drugs. Yet each therapy relies on a specific genetic profile, limiting the number of diseases it can target. Filtricine is taking a unique approach to treating cancer, targeting changes in cancer cell metabolism rather than genetics. Their approach aims […]

NovoNutrients: making food from CO2

As the world’s population continues to balloon, demand for seafood is going with it. Aquaculture is the primary method to meet demand, but relies on feeding billions of small fish to larger fish. A process that is inherently unsustainable and is only getting worse as ocean fish supply dwindles. NovoNutrients is looking to solve this […]

Clinicai: Detecting Colorectal Cancer in Your Toilet

The successful treatment of cancer lies in early detection. If we can detect it as early as Phase 1 and 2, the outcomes for therapy are significantly better. Unfortunately, symptoms oftentimes will not present until Phase 3 and 4 which limits effectivity of therapeutic interventions. Clinicai is making a noninvasive monitor for colorectal cancer with a device […]

Stämm: Reinventing the Bioreactor

Biology is the best platform for manufacturing cells. It can grow and produce all kinds of biomaterials very effectively. But for humans to be able to tap into this potential, we have to build bioreactors and figure out how to scale them in order to produce the massive amounts of biomaterials we need. Bioreactors technology […]

BioROSA: Early Blood Test for Autism

BioROSA is building a blood-based test for diagnosing autism. Autism currently is diagnosed at age four, on average, with behavioral testing. Children are missing critical windows of opportunity where early diagnosis and access to treatment could improve prognosis. At BioROSA, we are mission-driven to enable earlier detection, potentially even before the child is born, in order […]

Serenity Bioworks: Unblocking Gene Therapy Delivery

Gene therapy recently has been extremely exciting in the news. However, the limitation of gene therapy is ineffective delivery. When injecting genes to be delivered, especially in adeno-associated virus (AAV), we are seeing an induced immune response where the body starts clearing out the virus. Serenity Bioworks is working to rid the immune response and instead induce […]

EMBER: Distributed Emergency Response for Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest is one of the most time critical conditions that can strike anywhere. For the patient, each minute until the ambulance arrives has a huge impact on survival and future medical complications. Ember Medical is solving this by connecting the millions of high-risk patients with CPR-trained medical professionals in the community. Their app alerts […]

Convalesce: Curing Parkinson’s Disease with Stem Cell Therapy

Neurodegeneration is one of the most devastating diseases of aging, and today there is no cure. Stem cells are a very promising way of regenerating the faulty neurons, which would potentially create a cure. Convalesce is working on injecting stem cells into the brain using a special matrix that mimics the brain’s architecture, allowing the […]

Creating a Global Movement

On Conscious Leadership: Jack Sim By his count, before he turns 80 and is confined to a wheelchair and can’t remember his wife’s name, Jack Sim has 6,734 days left to live. Less than one thousand weeks. He counts his days in order to focus, in order to make it count. Today, he’s at IndieBio, […]

MezoMax: The Solution for Slow and Difficult to Heal Bone Fractures

Over 600,000 people suffer from slow and difficult to heal bone fractures within the U.S. every year. These ‘non-union’ fractures are common in people with low and imbalanced hormones, such as the elderly, but may also result from infection, inadequate blood supply to the bone, and incorrect splinting. Surgery, which has a low level of success, is the current […]

Vetherapy: Stem Cell Therapy for Our Animal Friends

We understand the benefits of stem cell therapy for humans. These amazing cells, with their self-renewal abilities, can be taken from areas where they live in the body and transferred to an injured area of the body, where they transform into the very cells that need to be replaced. Companies are making strides to make […]

Terramino Foods: Fungi as an Alternative Protein

Killing an animal and eating its flesh is not the only way to gain protein. Now more than ever, we need alternatives to conventional animal farming and fishing—not just because of animal welfare, but for human and environmental health. What’s happening now is not sustainable. Terramino Foods uses fungi as a complete protein source which acts […]

Sun Genomics: Precision Probiotics Based on Your DNA

It all begins in the gut. We know that a balanced gut microbiome is key to a healthy (and happy) life. Probiotics, ingestible products that contain healthy bacteria and yeast, are available for people to buy and help with their digestive issues. But not all probiotics are created equal. Sun Genomics found that an individual’s […]

Neurocarrus: Treating Pain Without Addictive Opioids

Traditionally, people in pain are given Opioids—which, although they relieve pain, can have dangerous side effects such as loss of motor function, and addiction. Ocycontin, Vicodin, and other pain relievers are effective in subduing pain, but they are extremely addictive, which causes major problems in families and communities. The Opioid Crisis is a reality we’re […]

JointechLabs: Point-of-Care Cell Therapy

Stem cells have been a key source of innovation in regenerative medicine, because they possess the ability to self-renew. Adult stem cells are found within the human body, in bone marrow, tooth enamel, and other locations. When someone is injured, the inflammation from the injury acts as a signal for the stem cells to become […]

Lingrove: Wood Without Trees

As humans, we love the aesthetically pleasing look of wood. It’s a beautiful material, but our planet is being harmed by the massive rates of deforestation as a result of supplying wood to various industries. What if we could have a wood-like material without cutting down trees? That’s where Lingrove comes in. Using plant-based fibers […]

Onconetics: Genomics-Informed Drug Design

Science is catching up with cancer. We are in a new era of personalized medicine for diagnosing and treating patients, now zooming in even closer, on an individual’s genome. By understanding the genetic causes of cancer, and measuring the differences between someone’s cells that are affected by cancer with the ones that are not, Onconetics […]

Nivien Therapeutics: Cutting Through Cancer’s Shield

Cancer cells have defense mechanisms that can cause chemotherapy and other standard cancer treatments to become increasingly difficult for a patient to endure, as stronger drugs are often needed after the cancer cells adapt. Instead of killing cancer cells with stronger drugs, Nivien has a found a way to break down the defense mechanisms of […]

Antibiotic Adjuvant: Transforming Antibiotic Use from Chaos into a Coordinated Campaign

Although doctors mean well by prescribing antibiotics, we can’t ignore the fact that antibiotic resistance as an effect of overuse has become an overwhelming problem in the healthcare industry and elsewhere. The situation can appear hopeless to some, but the team at Antibiotic Adjuvant sees it as a challenge they are willing to accept. They […]

Pheronym: Pesticide-Free Food for the World

It’s no secret that the agricultural fertilizers and pesticides create major problems in our soil, water systems, animal life, and more. Thankfully there are people who aim to solve this problem, like Fatma Kaplan and Cameron Schiller, who co-founded their company Pheronym in 2012. Pheronym offers nontoxic plant protection in a new way: They are […]

Stelvio Oncology: Live Imaging For a Paradigm Shift in Drug Screening

It’s been clear for some time that a personalized approach to cancer treatment is key in overcoming the disease. Since certain types of cancer, like glioblastoma (brain tumors), have been found to be resistant to chemotherapy, new (and less toxic) approaches are desperately needed to combat the resistant cells. Stelvio is a company with a […]

Finless Foods: Pollution-Free Fish, Thanks to Biotech

It’s an exciting time for the future of food, as technology has finally enabled us to grow meat without slaughtering animals. Finless Foods has applied a similar technology to produce fish from cells, creating a sustainable source of seafood. The company’s timing is crucial as our oceans are not only being decimated by overfishing, but […]

DNALite: A New Age of Medicine Is Emerging

What if instead of undergoing life-altering chemotherapy or surgery, a patient could take a daily pill to fight cancer? That’s the ultimate vision of DNALite, a new biotech company that wants to actually prevent instead of manage symptoms. Their technology aims to deliver genetic cargo to areas of the body that are hard to reach, […]

Sugarlogix: Prebiotic Sugar for Your Gut Health

What if sugar was good for you? The consumption of excess sugar has led to health issues in humans, such as autoimmune diseases and IBD, that begin in the gut. Sugarlogix has found a way to create prebiotic sugars to fix this problem and make sugar that’s actually healthy for people to consume. Although there […]

Quantumcyte: Cancer Just Got Personal

“I never intended on even giving a crap about cancer. It just happened,” said John Butler. “This isn’t a matter of me wanting to build a business, it’s a matter of wanting to help my wife.” John quit his job to pursue a better cancer outcome and become co-founder and CEO of Quantumcyte. Together with […]

An Interview with John Mendelson of DxRx

“Rehab on Your Phone” Photo: John Mendelson (center) and the DxRx team. Not everyone who occasionally overdrinks is seen as an alcoholic in need of help. DxRx is a service for people who want to manage their alcohol consumption using an app, a breathalyzer, and medication if needed. DxRx wants to break the stigma of alcoholism […]

An Interview with Francia Navarrete Utreras of GEA Enzymes

Liquid Dark Chocolate Is Now a Reality. Photo: Francia (center) and the GEA Enzymes team. GEA Enzymes engineers designer enzymes. Their first application is in food, with enzymes which reduce saturated fat levels while maintaining consistent aroma, taste, and feel. This makes it possible for a substance like dark chocolate to obtain that rich, liquid consistency […]

An Interview With Daniel Dempsey of Venomyx Therapeutics

Photo: Deepankar Roy (left), Daniel Dempsey, and Alexio Capovilla of Venomyx Therapeutics. Just like an Epi-Pen for Snake Bites. Snake bites are one of humanity’s oldest medical problems, but they’re definitely not a thing of the past—millions of people are bitten by poisonous snakes every year, and if they are lucky, those people are able to get […]

An Interview With Hyunjun Park & Nathaniel Roquet of Catalog Technologies

Storing Information in DNA Photo: Nathaniel Roquet (left) and Hyunjun Park of Catalog Technologies.  As the amount of information that humans create grows exponentially, hard drives and older methods of storage are becoming obsolete. DNA has been discovered to be effective medium for storing the world’s information, and it has several advantages in terms of storage space […]

An Interview With Brendan Griffen of Scaled Biolabs

A Biomedical Lab the Size of Your Phone. Photo: The Scaled Biolabs team – Brendan Griffen (left), Justin Cooper-White, and Drew Titmarsh. Biological experiments are time-consuming, and space-consuming, while requiring repeated manual motions from lab technicians. But technology has allowed Scaled Biolabs to shrink down the entire system of experimentation down to the size of your […]

An Interview With Arshia Firouzi of Ravata Solutions

Electronic Embryo Alteration. Photo: Arshia Firouzi (left) and Gurkern Sufi. There are numerous reasons why new therapeutics take so long to become accessible to people suffering from life-threatening diseases. Many lab animals which are used in the testing of new treatments, most notably mice, often need to be genetically modified in order for them to best represent […]

An Interview With Steve Kazemi of Pure Cultures

Enough With All the Antibiotics in Livestock. It’s no secret that much of the animal meat consumed by humans contains antibiotics that are excessively used in the raising of livestock. This leads to damaging health effects in humans, and contributes to the ever-growing issue of antibiotic resistance. In comes Pure Cultures, a startup creating a […]

Magnetic Pulses to Combat Depression: An Interview With Mehran Talebinejad of NeuroQore

Photo: The NeuroQore team (Mehran on far left).  Depression is a major burden in many people’s lives who we know. Some of the treatments that are prescribed, like medication, are not always effective or without major side effects. Drug-resistant depression is sometimes treated with electroshock therapy, which is risky, despite being the gold standard. In […]

Doctors Meet Data Science: An Interview with Karim Galil of Mendel Health

Photo: The Mendel Health team with Karim in the center. Do you ever feel your medical records are an unorganized mess, making it impossible for doctors with their busy schedules to match you with the latest treatments that are most optimally matched to your needs? In comes Mendel Health, a way for your data to […]

The Bad Boy of Biosensors: An Interview With Ray Chiu of BioInspira

Photo: Ray Chiu (far right) and the BioInspira team.  Every year, more than 200 natural gas pipeline-related incidents happen on average in the United States, and $5B in economic opportunities are lost as a result of gas leaks. BioInspira is aiming to solve this problem by bringing air chemical detection to the next level. At […]

Designing Drugs In Silico: An Interview With Ed Painter of A2A Pharmaceuticals

What if people suffering from cancer, tuberculosis, and other life-threatening diseases didn’t have to wait as long for the right drugs to be developed to help them stay alive? A2A Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company committed to the advancement of innovative scientific research and new therapeutic agents. We asked the company’s founder, Ed Painter, a few questions: […]

Improving Your Pet’s Digestive Health With Science: An Interview with Holly Ganz of AnimalBiome

Photo: Holly (left) and Adrien from AnimalBiome with their furry friends. It’s not uncommon for a pet dog or cat to have digestive issues, especially early in life. Instead of treating the root of the problem—an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut—veterinarians commonly prescribe antibiotics. Without a true fix for the problem, […]

Founder Stories: an Interview with Maria from SyntheX Labs

Maria Soloveychik is the CEO and co-founder of SyntheX Labs, a biotech company developing peptide therapeutics for cancer and other rare diseases. A: Tell me about your background, how did you get interested in the biotech space? M: So it started in 8th when I decided I wanted to do biology so I could clone […]

Bringing Biotech to the Masses: an Interview with Julie Legault of Amino

Even though biotech has a huge impact on the lives of the general public, it is an intimidating and foreign space to many. The everyday person rarely feels like they can understand and play a role in this massive field. Amino Labs is making science accessible to the masses by creating an easy to use […]

Enabling Proactive Medicine with the Immune System: an Interview with Anitha Jayaprakash of Girihlet

The immune system is the cornerstone of our health and ability to fight disease, but there are no methods to truly monitor its status. As a result, medicine is forced into being reactive to illness, rather than fighting disease before it starts. Girihlet is working towards a future where the immune system is monitored at […]

Creating a Functional Window to the Brain: an Interview with Henrik D. Kjeldsen of Truust Neuroimaging

Modern neuroscience is still relying on old methods that don’t allow us to truly understand what’s happening in the brain in real-time. As a result, we have a limited understanding of brain-related disease and ability to treat conditions early. Truust’s neuroimaging technology is providing real-time data in order to visualize energy flow in the brain, […]

Reprogramming Cancer and the Future of Medicine: an Interview with Andrew Gray of Vali Nanomedical

Drug delivery is one of the greatest challenges in treating cancer today. There are a multitude of effective drugs that aren’t able to be delivered to tumor sites, or can not be delivered in combination. Vali Nanomedical is now solving these drug delivery problems with a revolutionary programmable drug delivery system, and working towards a […]

Powering Discovery with Proteomics: an Interview with Jun Axup of MYi

Next-generation DNA sequencing technology has revolutionized biological research over the last decade, but very few advancements have been made in proteomics, the next great frontier of biological data. MYi is developing these new methods to study proteins in order to better understand, manage, and cure disease. I spoke with Jun, the company’s COO, to learn […]

Bringing Space Technology to Healthcare: an Interview with Jeff Nosanov of V-Sense Medical

Tracking vital signs is a crucial means for preventing disease. However, it’s a big time demand on caretakers of the most vulnerable patients and rarely done for much of the general population. V-Sense is developing monitors using NASA Jet Propulsion Lab radar technology to remotely and continuously monitor key vital signs. I talked to the […]

Disrupting Seafood, Not Oceans: an Interview with Dominique Barnes of New Wave Foods

As the population keeps growing, we are increasingly turning to our oceans to feed a hungry world. This pressure is leading to unsustainable practices that damage ecosystems and our health. New Wave Foods is creating healthy and sustainable plant and algae-based seafood to meet this growing demand. I talked to the company’s CEO, Dominique Barnes, […]

Taking Control of Cellular Protein Output: an Interview with Paul Feldstein of Circularis

Cellular protein production is used across industries to create products for medicine, consumers, research, and more. However, the technology to do so in the most efficient and effective ways has lagged behind production. Circularis is using their expertise in discovering, analyzing, and evolving cellular promoters in order to regulate protein production with revolutionary precision. I […]

Bringing Science to Beauty: an Interview with Evelyn Chen of Nerd Skincare

The science of skincare hasn’t changed for 100 years. As we learn more about the skin, new opportunities for innovation are being uncovered that will shift the industry’s approach to beauty. Nerd Skincare is leveraging these advancements in science to innovate safer and better skincare products. I talked to the company’s CEO, Evelyn Chen, to […]

Building the Next Generation of Recombinant Proteins: an Interview with Alex Lorestani of Geltor

The list of uses for recombinant proteins continues to grow as they are used in consumer, medical, and research markets. This increased use means that issues of scale, cost, and output efficiency  must be addressed. Geltor is creating a new recombinant protein production platform to solve these problems. I talked to the company’s CEO, Alex Lorestani, […]

Putting Biological Supercomputers in the Palm of your Hand: an Interview with Oshiorenoya Agabi of Koniku

As ambitions to create newer and faster supercomputers grow, so do the challenges. Increasing computational power comes with demands of scale, stability, and accessibility. Koniku is a startup working to solve this by harnessing the power of biological neurons to create the next generation of supercomputers. I talked with Koniku’s CEO, Oshiorenoya E. Agabi, about […]

Creating a pick and place machine for DNA synthesis: an interview with Jeff Clayton of Genesis DNA

In recent years we’ve seen an exponential ability to sequence DNA. What in the recent past it cost billions of dollars is now available for under one thousand dollars. However, the cost of synthesizing new DNA is still prohibitive and causing bottlenecks in research and industry. Genesis DNA is working to create new methods to […]

Unlocking Gene Therapy for the Masses: an interview with Ryan Pawell of Indee

The science of gene therapy poses one of the greatest technical challenges in modern medicine. Researchers and industry face the significant challenge of introducing new functioning genes into cells, and doing so in a scalable and affordable manner. Indee is a biotech startup developing new tools for gene therapy to bring it to the masses. […]

Blending Life and Computer Science – R. Machiraju

I believe that computing shall be even more pervasive and ubiquitous than it is today and will evolve into a high-impact, use-inspired basic science1. Over the last seven decades, we have seen the beginning of a major technological revolution, the Information Revolution. Many of us who are middle-aged or part of the baby-boomer generation have […]

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