November 12, 2021
By Ned Desmond
Meat the Future: Behind the Scenes of the Next Agricultural Revolution

Told over the span of five years (2016 – 2021), the award-winning documentary Meat the Future chronicles the birth and acceleration of the cultivated meat revolution through the journey of Mayo Clinic trained cardiologist Dr. Uma Valeti, the co-founder and CEO of Upside Foods (previously Memphis Meats).

Tune in for a live conversation with Uma Valeti and Meat the Future Director Liz Marshall. Joining them will be Po Bronson, Managing Director of SOSV’s IndieBio, the startup program where Upside Foods produced the first ever cultured meatball in 2016. The panel will be moderated by journalist and author Amanda Little, who is in the film and writes about the environment, agriculture, and innovation.

The group will discuss the significance of the film, the rapidly evolving cultured-meat industry, and a world where real meat is produced sustainably without the need to breed, raise, and slaughter animals.

This event is a co-production of SOSV IndieBio and The Redford Center.Image of a Cow in a field and the title of the movie "Meat the Future?" and a headline "Behind the Scenes of the next agricultural revolution" with images of the found speakers at the event on December 7 starting at 530 pm PT. The speakers are Liz Marshall, who make the film, Uma Valeti, co-founder of  Upside Foods, who is the main subject of the film, Po Bronson, who is the SOSV GOP in charge of IndieBio, where Upside started, and Amanda Little, who is the moderator for the session.