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Pannex Therapeutics
Developing anti-addictive painkillers to save lives.
David Bravo, Ph.D., CEO
"It is a common opinion among physicians, that chronic pain is too complex of a phenomenon and is therefore almost impossible to solve. But we believe we can do that, and this is because science backs us up."
20 to 30% of the entire world's population suffers some levels of chronic pain.

Pannex Therapeutics is a pioneer biopharmaceutical company totally focused on the development of a novel therapeutic class of Pannexin 1 channel (Panx1) blockers. Pannex is developing a platform of small molecules that blocks this exciting new pharmacological target, Panx1 channels.

With potential applications in many therapeutic areas, the initial focus is on chronic pain treatment. The company is currently developing a first-in-class, selective and highly potent oral Panx1 channel blocker, for the treatment of chronic pain and prevention of opioid addiction.