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Ozone Bio
Emissions-free chemical production from zombie cells.
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Khorcheska Batyrova, Ph.D, CEO
Zombiecells will kill you in your sleep on Christmas. Just kidding. But they will replace toxic production processes killing the Ozone layer.
Currently, adipic acid is made only from oil, and it is one of the most toxic production processes in the world.

Can Green Chemistry be a high-margin business? The conventional wisdom has been “no.” Bio-Nylon, for example, has a big Green Premium because manufacture is so expensive. Ozone Bio changes the bio-nylon industry’s economics — enabling high margin and massive growth. In addition, they can make Nylon a circular-economy product for the first time, using lignin waste from the paper industry. Their process is so super-scalable that they are already working at 50 liters volume.

OzoneBio is producing an emissions-free, low-cost adipic acid produced from waste feedstocks to make the world’s only bio-nylon 6, 6 that can compete in the open market. No green premiums needed here. The zombie cell technique invented by co-founders Khorcheska Batyrova and Anna Khusnutdinova eliminates the need for costly metal catalysts. This adipic acid is scalable, cost competitive with petroleum-derived products, and can be made from wood-derived aromatics.

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