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New Age Eats
Proteins delivered by plants, flavor delivered by cultured cells. Tasty foods delivered by New Age Meats.
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Brian Spears, CEO
Our big differentiator benefits from our team’s background: automation and data science. I have 12 years of industry experience automating deep research labs like NASA, US national labs, the Canadian Research Council, and the University of Texas.
We’re going to shift consumption to meat that’s tastier, healthier, and more sustainable. To do that, we’re having that conversation with the public early and often.

Cell-based meats, or clean meats, can alleviate pressures on the environment, end animal suffering, and produce sustainable protein for the growing world population.

Yet, we are still far away from making cell-based meats a reality due to technological challenges. New Age Meats is tackling these challenges with automation and data to accelerate product development and bring pork sausages to market sooner. They are now developing a cell-cultured meat technology intended to offer vegan-friendly alternative meat products, by putting in hardware acquisition points to acquire more data and then assemble the data to make data-based decisions, faster, and with more insight. The fruits of their labor will be manifested in a delicious cell-cultured sausage coming to market soon.