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Recreating the best-kept secret in human breast milk
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Chaeyoung Shin, PhD, CEO
We ultimately plan to design yeasts to produce the entire HMO portfolio. All 180 play a role in supporting good gut health, and we want to make all of them available to our customers.
Human milk oligosaccharides are the third most abundant component of human breast milk

The profile of human breast milk contains human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), which, over thousands of years, have evolved to carry special gut and overall health benefits just for developing babies. Not only that, but humans produce over 1000 times more milk oligosaccharides than other mammals.

Namuh is creating those HMOs by yeast fermentation. HMOs are found naturally in human breast milk and is a key ingredient in feeding the good microbiome of the infant to cultivate a healthy gut and immune system. Using Baker’s yeast, Namuh recreates these ingredients to add to infant formula, and other foods. Their goal is to create better nutrition for formula-fed babies, and then move on to the probiotic and functional food categories for adults.