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Faster and cheaper than PCR
* Data source: Crunchbase
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* Data source: Crunchbase
Charlie Yeh, PhD, CEO
Our vision is to integrate the informatics, such as the GPS data, test results, and patient information, into a cloud system. That would be very useful for local governments to track where the disease is coming from — and where it’s going.
According to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, only 34,000 out of 120,000 reported Zika cases were confirmed in 2016 because of difficulties testing for the disease

Three years before COVID made everyone care about rapid molecular diagnostics, mFluiDx was already working on it. They were fighting epidemics before it was cool. Their initial prototype, funded by The Gates Foundation and DARPA, was working on rapid diagnostics for Zika virus. When patients would normally have to wait for days to get a result. mFluiDx’s prototype offered them an accurate diagnosis faster than a Spanish siesta, and 100X cheaper than a PCR setup.

mFluiDx presents a fast and portal DNA-based technology for identifyuing outbreaks of dangerous diseases in the field. Using microfluidics, they’ve engineered a field-ready, affordable, sensitive, and rapid approach that democratizes high-need diagnostics for everyone in the world.

mFluiDx selected as one of the top 20 startups to pitch at TechCrunch Startup Battlefield, from a pool of 900 startups globally.