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LizarBio Therapeutics
Curing incurable diseases using cells.
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Marcos Valadares, CEO
"Cell-based treatments are inaccessible to the majority of patients because of manufacturing issues. LizarBio is changing this by developing the first platform to produce any cell type in the body at industrial scale.”
Approved cell therapies are only available for less than 2% of the target population and less than 0.2% of patients with disease.

Many incurable health problems are characterized by the death of cells that cannot regenerate or repair themselves upon damage or injury. Cell therapy employs stem cells to produce functional cells transplanted into patients to treat and potentially reverse the damage. The access to cell therapies has been limited by the manufacturing challenges for allogeneic transplants and the prohibitive cost of scaling their production.

LizarBio is addressing both these issues by developing the first end-to-end platform to cultivate and differentiate pluripotent stem cells at industrial scale. The key is in their proprietary negligible cost media and suspension based culture system that results in up to 100X reduction in cost unlocking huge therapeutic potential. If cell therapy is the future of regenerative medicine, LizarBio is holding the key to make it mainstream.