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Kraken Sense
Stopping food recalls in their tracks.
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Nisha Sarveswaran, CEO
Pathogen outbreaks don't just affect the company--the "scare" eventually affects the entire sector, and this is a huge economic loss
In the US, food and water-borne pathogens produce over 300 recalls per year. This is happening, despite modern technology, because culture testing takes 3 days. In 3 days, produce and meat can already be distributed all over the continent.

Kraken Sense is bringing real-time testing, with results in under five minutes, to large-scale food and water systems. Deployable throughout the system — farms, processors, kitchens — their technology blunts the toll that food recalls take by eliminating the time delays in food safety testing. Their in-line autonomous device uses carbon nanotube-based, single-use cartridges to perform strain-specific pathogen detection and quantitation on-site.