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Kinoko Labs
Kinoko Labs is a biotech company on a mission to create the next generation of meat alternatives, grown naturally from fungi.
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Isabella Iglesias-Musachio
It takes on average 24 months to raise a cow for beef. By comparison, the Kinoko Labs product can be grown in less than 2 weeks, making it about 8000 times more time efficient to create than producing steak through traditional animal farming.
The FAO reports that current meat production contributes 14-22% of the 36 billion tons of global CO2-equivalent greenhouse gases produced annually.

We all know the over consumption of animal products is a major cause of global warming and environmental degradation, and that the best way we can lower our carbon footprints is to switch to a plant-based diet. However, consumers are compromising on products that are ultra-processed, not necessarily healthy, and lacking variety: today’s meat-alternatives are mostly burgers, sausages & nuggets, and consumers lack ‘whole-muscle’ plant-based products.

The Kinoko Labs solution is to create healthier, nutrient-dense, and minimally processed whole-cut meat-alternatives, grown naturally from mycelium. By leveraging mycelium’s inherent structure, they can naturally replicate the texture of meat without the need for a long list of additives found in current meat alternatives. This means that we can create better-than-meat products that deliver on the entire taste experience, nutrition, and affordability without compromise.