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Grand Bio
Growth factor activators that help cells help themselves
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Rodolfo Faudoa, PhD, CEO
"We've been working on this problem for over a decade, before the cultured meat industry had even considered it a problem. And now we can grow meats 20X cheaper than with serum-free media"
Serum-free media costs $400/L, and comprises more than 90% of the cost of growing cultured meat.

In the canon of cultured meat, it’s all about reducing the cost of the Growth Factors. Grand Bio defies this doctrine. 

It’s like the cars we all drive. You can reduce the cost of gas. Or you can help the car drive farther on a gallon. 

Grand Bio sells affordable media supplements. Their activators can reduce the need for Growth Factors by 10x to 20x. They work by stimulating cells to make their own growth factors; they also chaperone growth factors to receptors. With muscle cells, they also help myotube formation. 

The activators are food grade. The pork activators are made from pork, and the chicken activators from chicken, etc. For biopharma, the activators are from rodent or human.