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The world's most powerful and affordable cell media supplement
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Rodolfo Faudoa, MD, CEO
"We've been working on this problem for over a decade, before the cultured meat industry had even considered it a problem. And now we can grow meats 20X cheaper than with serum-free media"
Serum-free media costs $400/L, and comprises more than 90% of the cost of growing cultured meat.

CellCrine discovered an enzyme that transforms cell culture for the cell-based meats industry.

It’s made recombinantly, but can be used at such low concentration that only a tiny bit is needed.

The impact is dramatic — reducing the need for insulin, transferrin, FGF2, TGFb, and other expensive media ingredients. The cells grow nearly as fast as they do en vivo.

CellCrine’s enzyme works by stimulating cells to make their own growth factors; it also chaperones growth factors to receptors. With muscle cells, they also help myotube formation. 

The enzyme is food grade and natural.