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From single-cell data to biological insights
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Adam Kurkiewicz, PhD, CEO
Scientists need excellent software. It’s often treated as an afterthought or something that is only a small part of research grants.
Biomage turns meaningful insights from single-cell RNA sequencing from a 3-6 month project into a 1-2 week process, saving time, money, and labor.

Single cell RNA-seq can be used to look at major genetic pathways across multiple cell types (e.g. different types of neurons or blood cells). Its many uses include searching for off-target effects of the lead candidate drug or identifying heterogeneous subclones within a tumour to create predictive models of response to different chemotherapeutics.

Biomage’s product, Cellscope, allows biologists with no prior bioinformatics training to analyse large, multi-sample single cell RNA-seq datasets, perform data integration and execute differential analysis of specific pathways.