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Protecting pollinators with pesticide detoxification technology
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James Webb, CEO
One third of the food that you eat is dependent on pollinators. Cotton is pollinated by bees. A lot of the animals that we eat feed on the plants that bees pollinate. A world without bees is definitely going to sting.
One-third of food is pollinator-dependent

One-third of food is pollinator-dependent, which means simply, pollinator survival represents human survival. The continuous use of pesticides in Industrialagriculture is decimating managed and native pollinator populations at an accelerating rate.

Beemmunity’s microsponge technology absorbs and neutralizes all pesticides when consumed by pollinators, improving survival rates from 0% to 80%. Beemmunity reduces the heavy burden placed on commercial beekeepers to meet the increasing demand for pollination services each season by delivering a product that treats pesticide exposure, reducing the number of hive losses and creating healthier hives.