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Microbiome-based diagnostics & supplements for pets with chronic digestive disorders
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Holly Ganz, PhD, CSO
Our FMT supplement is the first of its kind for cats and dogs. We found that many pet parents wanted a solution that didn’t involve an invasive and expensive surgical procedure. That led us to develop affordable, therapeutic “poop capsules.”
Digestive and skin issues account for more than 50% of all veterinary visits, affecting over 60 million cats and dogs annually.

AnimalBiome creates microbiome-based therapeutics to treat the more than 9 million cats and dogs in the US living with chronic digestive disorders. They have developed a patent pending process for creating a fecal microbiota transplant pill that is stable at room temperature and highly effective. Animal Microbiome has been treating cats and dogs for more than 3 years and over 90% have shown a decrease in the frequency of diarrhea, vomiting, and/or constipation. In the course of creating this product, they have also created the world’s largest database of microbiome samples in the order Carnivora, and are leverage this database to create next generation probiotics and veterinary diagnostics.