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Luke Young, CEO
In a couple of years I have absolutely no doubt that you'll be looking across the ocean to find floating ocean farms on almost every coast.
50-100 million tons of methane are produced every year just from rice agriculture.

The world’s food demands are expected to almost double by 2050, at the same time when climate change is stealing our supply our arable land for crop production, and a dearth of freshwater for both human and agricultural uses. Agrisea confronts these challenges by expanding our imagination, to think beyond these resources as the only way to grow crops.

Agrisea removes land and freshwater as agricultural constraints, by helping crops that are normally grown on land to grow in the ocean. By removing land and freshwater as key contraints they can grow crops 20X cheaper than on land. The scientific insight came from mangroves and seagrasses that have genes that are highly efficient in managing salt. Agrisea’s first crop is rice, a crop that feeds over half the world’s population, but is also a notorious methane producer because of the soil bacteria. By growing rice in floating ocean paddies, they will be able to provide food security to the world while also offsetting CO2e emissions

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