Lingrove Creating ‘wood’ without the tree. Their formable, natural fiber and resin replicates the performance, look, feel and re-usability of premium wood from scalable, carbon negative [...]


Beeflow Developing smart and strong bees for crop pollination. With their technologies, farmers can increase crop yields up to 90%, target specific crops for pollination, and substantially reduce [...]


MezoMax   Mezomax’s MMX is a first of its kind, oral-therapy used to repair nonhealing fractures and maintain strong bones. Mezomax is committed to bringing this highly effective [...]

Nivien Therapeutics

Nivien Therapeutics Nivien Therapeutics is developing the first small molecule drugs to enhance both chemo and immunotherapies. Their compounds overcome multiple resistance mechanisms across 15 [...]


Neurocarrus Developing long-acting non-opioid chronic pain medications. Its novel delivery system eliminates addiction potential and side effects that are seen across all opioids.


NURO Nuro enables instant communication and computing for millions of incapacitated patients in post-surgeries and ICUs, nursing homes and rehabilitation by using brain signals.


Vetherapy Vetherapy creates novel stem cell therapies for cats, dogs, and horses.  Their most innovative product speeds up wound healing and treats autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.   [...]