Ember Ember is a distributed platform to bring emergency medicine out of the hospital. By connecting patients in need to health professionals in the community, they speed up response times and [...]


StemXpress StemXpress is developing a new approach to cell therapy to enable killing of solid tumors, which are currently untreatable with CAR-T.   Website available soon.


Stämm Stämm is reinventing the infrastructure of bio-manufacturing with a new approach to fermentation. Their miniaturized bioreactors accelerate condition optimization, lower cost, and allow for [...]

Serenity Bioworks

Serenity Bioworks Serenity Bioworks is developing an immune-compatible gene therapy platform. Their first product will be a re-dosable gene therapy for MEN-1.   serenitybioworks.com


Quartolio Quartolio is a knowledge management platform that accelerates research by connecting the dots across scientific articles, clinical trials, and patents with the power of natural language [...]


Oralta Oralta designs tailored probiotics for oral health. Their probiotics balance communities of microbes to treat bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.   oralta.com


Filtricine Filtricine is developing a drug-free nutrient deprivation therapy to exploit metabolic dependencies to kill cancer cells.   filtricine.com


Convalesce Convalesce is creating stem cell therapies for neurodegenerative diseases, starting with Parkinson’s. With a proprietary biomaterial they create a brainlike micro-environment suited [...]