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Chronus Health, an early stage medical diagnostic startup, is seeking motivated and talented individuals to join our dynamic team. Our mission is to build a global, point-of-care company that makes blood tests accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. We have been accepted into a leading Bay Area accelerator and are in the process of closing a seed round with significant funding.


Ava Winery We’re Ava Winery, a food technology company based in San Francisco. We use science to create goods of unparalleled quality, value, and heart. All wines share the same basic set of compounds. We create wines from scratch, compound by compound, by combining these components at precise levels. The result: everything you’d expect from an […]


Indee Labs develops hardware for gene delivery with a focus on gene-modified cell therapy development and manufacturing. We are seeking a bioengineer to join the team full time to accelerate the development of our microfluidic gene delivery platform.


Lingrove makes Ekoa, a beautiful, structural and formable natural material made of plant fibers and resins instead of trees.


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