Building Bridges to Reach Sustainable Development Goals

Reaching Sustainable Development Goals With Early Stage Venture Capital

A conversation with Maya Lockwood, Head of IndieBio Investor Relations and Lisa Kurbiel, Head of the Joint SDG Fund Secretariat on SOSV’s podcast.

It was a great joy to connect with Lisa Kurbiel about the opportunities to invest with the Joint SDG Fund. Building bridges between the public and private sectors accelerates our common vision for human and planetary health. With a cross pollination of ideas, collaboration, and aligned stakeholders, the power of early stage venture capital can make a big difference for billions. We don’t have much time in this decade of action, let’s find ways to work together.

In this episode we learned how the Joint SDG Fund can contribute to closing the financing gap to achieve the SDGs in developing countries by bringing together the UN system and the private sector. The Joint SDG Fund will showcase the results of its call for proposals on SDG Financing, that aims to support key initiatives that can leverage public and private financing to advance the SDGs.

About Joint SDG Fund:

As the strategic instrument for galvanizing SDG acceleration, the Joint SDG Fund invested USD 70 million, and mobilized USD 32 million in co-funding, into a portfolio of 39 countries on integrated policy solutions for social protection to Leave No One Behind (LNOB). The Call for Concept notes was launched in March 2019 and it led to 114 country applications. 35 proposals of the highest quality were developed into full-fledged joint programmes and launched in 2020.

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