4WWL TV News
Nov 30, 2022
BioAesthetics’ nipple-areolar complex grafted to breast cancer survivor for the first time

Biomaterials company BioAesthetics (IndieBio 05) has been developing a nipple-areolar complex (NAC) graft for breast cancer survivors, and New Orleans 4WWL TV News tells the story of the first successful graft in, “Breast cancer survivor receives breakthrough nipple, areola reconstruction surgery”

Breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomies usually cannot keep their nipples and areolas because these tissues can also contain cancerous cells. BioAesthetics’ patented NACgraft technology develops a biologically-derived nipple and areola applied by a surgeon. The NAC graft encourages the patient’s own cells to convert the graft into living tissue that looks and feels real to the touch.

The 4WWL TV News segment tells the story of 60-year-old Cathy Mohr, a breast cancer survivor, is the first woman to benefit from BioAesthetics’ NAC grafts. 

Based in North Carolina, BioAesthetics also designs quality-of-life biomaterials, like grafts for third degree burns, prolapsed pelvic organs, and pressure ulcers. Dr Nick Pashos is the CEO and founder.

Back in 2016 when he was a Ph.D. student in the Center for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at Tulane University, Pasho talked about his research work with a 4WWL reporter. “There are 2.8 million breast cancer survivors living in the United States,” he said at the time. “So, this is a huge community, and I think that, hopefully, I can help out at some point. I would love to just see it on one person, help one person, and I think my entire Ph.D., how I’ve spent it on, would be worth it.”

Cathy Mohr clearly agrees.