Announcing “Unexpected Biotech,” an Event to Showcase the Future of New York Biotech

IndieBio is delighted to announce an event that challenges you to think broadly when imagining biotech and innovation in New York. New York has a robust therapeutics industry, creating novel therapies to improve human health. But New York biotech expands to almost every sector; companies here are building new technologies and novel production systems that allow tech and humanity to exist harmoniously.

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“Unexpected Biotech” highlights the successes and opportunities under a comprehensive vision of New York biotechnology. How can deep knowledge of biological systems lead to new therapies for patients? Which biological principles can be applied to find solutions to the pressing problems of climate change, petrochemical dependency, and unsustainable agriculture? What production process innovations support these novel biological solutions?

The IndieBio team is excited to share most of the agenda for this virtual event on May 11, 2021. We aim to bring together those who have blazed new trails into this new New York biotech to discuss the current successes and discuss the future paths in building a better world with biology. 

We’re delighted to host thought leaders in the entrepreneurial and technical spaces. We hope you will join us to discuss the future of New York biotech this spring.

Innovation Success Stories: Building Big Biotech in New York

New York startups must be nimble in an ever-changing environment. In this fireside chat, Kallyope CEO Nancy Thornberry talks about leveraging previously undiscovered connections between the brain and the gut to develop innovative patient therapies. Hear how this startup grew rapidly in New York—and the challenges facing the next generation of founders.


  • Michael Aberman, SOSV
  • Nancy Thornberry, Kallyope

Manufacturing in the New Bioeconomy

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a radical shift. Hear how New York is leading the charge in bioproduction.

Speakers TBD

Building Greener with Biology

The climate crises humanity faces requires systems-level changes. How can biotech create new systems from scratch for a more sustainable future, and what makes New York the natural nexxus for these new systems?


  • Gwen Cheni, SOSV
  • Suzanne Lee, Biofabricate
  • Eben Bayer, Ecovative and Atlast Co

Fireside Chat: The Future of New York Biotechnology

New York offers biotech companies unmatched access to top talent, financing, and technical capabilities. Join this discussion as two biotechnology companies discuss what the city has to offer and what startups need out of a tech base.


  • Po Bronson, SOSV
  • Matias Muchnick, NotCo
  • Alex Lorestani, Geltor

Climate Tech Investing

New York Venture Capital is committed to creating a healthier planet. Listen to the investor perpspective on the most promising life science technologies in this space.


  • Sean O’Sullivan, SOSV
  • Lauren Rodriguez, ZX Ventures
  • Dan Altschuler Malek, Unovis Asset Management and New Crop Capital

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