Michael Aberman
Adjunct partner, IndieBio, Executive in residence, Columbia Technology Ventures

Michael Aberman is an adjunct partner for IndieBio New York. Aberman has a medical degree from the University of Toronto and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. He started his career at an immuno-oncology-focused biotech startup and then worked on Wall Street at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse conducting biotech equity research. As a senior advisor for Immunai and chief business officer for Excision Biotherapeutics, Aberman provides corporate strategy, business development, and financing advice to company leaders.

Aberman was the CEO and president of Quentis Therapeutics, a venture-backed oncology company. He previously served over seven years as senior vice president of strategy and investor relations at Regeneron. He currently serves as executive in residence at Columbia Technology Ventures. He also currently serves as a board member for Unnatural Products, a biotech company unlocking the potential of macrocycle drug discovery, and Rover Diagnostics, a company creating affordable saliva-based COVID-19 tests in under 15 minutes. Now, as an IndieBio adjunct partner, Aberman recruits companies, identifies mentors, and actively advises founders throughout the accelerator program.