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Darrin Crisitello
Chief commercial officer, Mission Bio

Darrin Crisitello is the chief commercial officer at Mission Bio. He received his BS in biology and chemistry from Moravian College and his MBA from the University of Massachusetts. He began his career in pharmaceuticals at Wyeth and Bristol-Myers Squibb, holding various positions in sales, sales operations, training, marketing, and management in several different therapeutic areas. 

Crisitello then transitioned to startup organizations as a leader in business development, company commercialization, and exits with several acquired companies. As the vice president of global sales at Natera, Crisitello led the launch of a non-invasive prenatal test, Panorama. Most recently, Crisitello headed the global clinical team at Color Genomics, a biotechnology company democratizing access to high-quality genetic information and saving lives by advancing research on hereditary disorders. Crisitello currently works with Mission Bio’s Tapestri Platform, which provides unprecedented insights into single-cell DNA sequencing and heterogeneity among cells that drive complex diseases like cancer.