Are you a cell culture scientists who cares about the environment? Want to make a real difference in fixing one of the most important problems we face on this planet?

Finless Foods, a cellular agriculture startup growing fish meat from stem cells, is looking to hire a lead scientist with extensive knowledge of cell culture to help us transform the world’s food system. We are working towards producing a steady supply of fish meat devoid of heavy metals and plastic to feed the world sustainably.

This scientist is expected to be familiar with cell culture techniques, media preparation, cell isolation, immunostaining, and basic molecular biology techniques. For example, they should be able to maintain primary cell lines to be used in In Vitro experiments. They should also be skilled in diverse forms of microscopy since they will be staining.

We are looking specifically for a candidate with a PhD in a relevant subject, preferably with outside experience under their belt. This contract will start immediately and last until the end of September, ideally continuing past September if the candidate is willing to move to New York City with the company.

Be Part of the Revolution!

Next program starts Winter 2017. Applications due October 30th!