IndieBio, is the world’s largest seed-stage life science accelerator. We are devoted to building startups dedicated to solving humanity’s most pressing problems with life itself.

Our 4-month program includes $250K funding, lab space, and mentorship to turn scientists into entrepreneurs. We have funded 67 early stage biotech companies spanning all applications including future of food/agriculture, consumer biotech, computational biology, digital health, therapeutics, medical devices, neurotech, and regenerative medicine.

Job Description

IndieBio is looking for a full-time Communications Lead to handle day to day social media, marketing, and content generation efforts. This will require proactive campaign creation with defined metrics of success, deadlines, and retrospective analysis for iteration. The communication lead will work closely with the rest of the IndieBio team to set overall strategy, as well as ensure consistent content creation to fit campaign needs. Successful candidates must have a startup mentality to proactively make improvements to current practices, create new initiatives in existing channels, and experiment with new methods.


  • B.S. with a science background
  • Social media marketing experience
  • Ability to launch new initiatives
  • Strong interest in the future of life sciences
  • Independent spirit
  • Interest in startup culture and innovation
  • Proactive about making improvements
  • Excellent skills in communication, presentation, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and working in a team
  • Work authorization in the United States


  • Work closely with IndieBio team and accelerator companies
  • Lead marketing, social media, and content creation efforts
  • Track and measure the level of engagement within the network over time
  • Work with accelerator companies on social media and marketing
  • Assist in program organization, scheduling, giving tours, events, and other tasks as needed.


Full time salary, health insurance, flexible vacation when accelerator is not in session.

Position available immediately

Please include a CV and cover letter when you apply.

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